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TheGamerBoss : why were they fighting?
Jarrecko : BACK EXPLOSIIIIOOOONS. SPD had a fun story and great acting but, christ the explosions get really, really, really tedious.
Ketorulz : I think having genuinely corrupt power rangers by sheer free will was a nice touch, and could be something carried over to the movie too since it is a reboot with its own story. Surprise us and make one of the Rangers a double agent or something. 
Michelle Velez : Check out this video on YouTube:by yyhyyyuh dethroning
MrMisterman1 : They probably should have STARTED with the SWAT mode
Jaum yaung : "After all, you're only the B-Squad" "Meaning what?" "You're the Bitch-Squad." (individually cuts to B-Squad rangers' faces while simultaneously playing music that shifts to different dramatic tones evoking each of their expressions of shock) 
Asking For Horizons 1 : The back explosions look like they came from a Michael bay film
TheBlueBlur24 Sonic : The A-Squad has the power rangers in space helmets 

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